Use Your Thumb to Plant a Tree

Date April 22, 2008

One more reason why I love StumbleUpon.  Today is Earth Day.  Stumble Upon has set up a page that is tracking thumbs.  For every thumb they get up to 25,000 from now until May 2nd, the National Forest Foundation will plant a tree. How easy is that?
Click on the pic below and see for yourself.

suearth Use Your Thumb to Plant a Tree

3 Responses to “Use Your Thumb to Plant a Tree”

  1. Misch said:

    If they really pull it of, and I hope they do, ti’s really a good idea. I didn’t see google do that.

  2. John M said:

    Thumbs up so far are “63,377″. I wished to do that but time has been gone(According to your post). Generally, I like the idea very much because it is a big effort for ourselves or for our coming generations.

  3. Connecting Youth said:

    I know another good website too plant trees

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