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Jim Stob

Date April 16, 2007

Jim Stob of Position Tech and my SEOH go way back. In fact I can remember him telling me a long time ago about this friend of his that looks like Sam Elliot.

All Jim needs is a cowboy hat.


Date April 16, 2007

Some people go through life with one name. Let’s see Oprah, Madonna, Prince, Cher, Shoemoney or also affectionately known as Shoe. A double pleasure this trip was also meeting Shoe’s wife ‘J’. Yes, just J. That’s her name. How cool is that? J was so nice and said she [...]

Brian Prince

Date April 16, 2007

I spent some time chatting with Brian Prince while we were in New York. Brian and Greg from BOTW are extremely nice guys that always seem to attract a crowd. Of course wouldn’t anyone with a ‘Black Amex’? Yep, I decided not to post the picture because you could see too many [...]

Neil Patel

Date April 14, 2007

Even though my time with Neil Patel was short, it was sweet. I mean the first thing he said to me is that he reads my blog. I mean how much quicker can he get my attention?
Seriously though, this 21 year old brainiac has so many genius ideas that success is imminent for [...]

Jane Copland

Date April 14, 2007

I had the pleasure of spending some time with Jane Copland at SES New York. Jane is a very charming girl originally from New Zealand now making her home in Seattle, the land of Moz. She has this fantastic accent ‘mate’ that makes any conversation with her intriguing. In a land where [...]