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Useful StumbleUpon Feature

Date April 7, 2008

Stumbleupon has a feature that I really like.  SU users have the option to look at their favorites and other SU blogs in a grid format.
This is either new or I have honestly never seen the link at the top right corner before.
At any rate, the reason I am a fan of the grid [...]

SEOWife - Social Spark

Date March 13, 2008

I just received  this St Patrick’s Day box from Social Spark.  It was a nice surprise.  I had met one of these Social Sparkers at SMX and the box was not necessary, but much appreciated.  It did indeed spark my interest to see what Social Spark was all about.
So basically, they are an [...]

SEO and Social Media Presentation

Date February 28, 2008

I spoke yesterday at the SMX West conference on Social Media/SEO.  My presentation was based on how to build a strong social media presence (in about 60 days or less).
A few people asked if I would upload the power point for them, so here it is.
I’ll be writing more on this over the next few [...]


Date February 15, 2008

Having recently become addicted to my Twitter feed, Greg gave me a heads up on TwitBox.  So far I really like it.  Once downloaded this lovely box sits on your screen and auto-uploads every minute or so.  To reply to fellow twits, just double click on their avatar and voila!  I don’t know how I’m [...]

Pownce Is Now Open to Everyone

Date February 15, 2008

If you haven’t heard of Pownce, basically it’s a site that allows you to send things to your friends or fans.  Things can be images, music, links, messages, etc.
Pownce has been around for awhile, but has been invite only up until yesterday when they opened the doors to anyone and everyone.
If you have a profile [...]