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I’m a Computer Pack Rat

Date January 7, 2008

Over the holiday break Greg cleaned up both my laptop and desktop.  Apparently I am a computer pack rat, based on all the "OMG, you still have emails from 2005" and "OMG, haven’t you ever emptied your recycle bin"?

Yes.  It’s true. Whenever I save something I think I’m going to use in the near future I save it to my desktop.  I do save every email that is sent to me, even all the ones telling me that somebody wrote on my Facebook wall.  The recycle bin has not been touched in well over a year and when Outlook asks me to archive, I close the window.  There… it’s out, I said it and I’m not going to do it anymore.

Funny thing is that with everything else I am not that way.  I give things away, shred documents I don’t need and throw things out regularly.  I hate clutter.  For whatever reason though, I like having 100 icons on my desktop to have a click away.  I don’t mind it at all and I know where everything is.  Or should I say, I knew where everything was.  Greg was nice enough to organize and delete things for me and what do you know, my computer runs so much faster now. 

So the only New Years resolution I made this year is to stay on top of my recycle bin,  archive my email and file away my docs and spreadsheets. 

Am I the only one that does this or are there other computer pack rats out there?


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  2. Rhea said:

    At the risk of being a comment stalker… yes, I too am a pack rat. About once a year I’ll make a sorry attempt to delete emails that are one word responses to prior emails, but that barely puts a dent in things. I’m not sure why, it’s a fear that at some point I’ll need something and it won’t be there.

    My husband said my problem is I think that if I put things away in big, nicely labeled boxes or a comparable email folders I’ve organized things. Instead, I’ve just turned the mess into smaller mess piles. It’s a nasty habit I’m trying to break. =) To give myself a little credit, I’m always the one with the answer even if it takes me an hour to find it!

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