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Dr. Stephen Covey is a Blogger

Date November 28, 2007

There was a time in my life when I would have not been caught dead without my Franklin Covey binder.  I had my life in that thing and lived and breathed by it.  

I am a huge fan of Dr. Covey and his philosophy.  Anyone that has been in business for a while most likely knows who he is and he has written several amazing books that have influenced how thousands of companies both big and small are run whether the employees know it or not.

And now…

He blogs!  On November 21st, Stephen Covey started blogging. It looks like he will be posting weekly on his blog and discussing topics related to what he knows best (life, business and leadership).  His topic last week was on ‘becoming the leader of your boss’.  Now that’s good stuff.  Who couldn’t use some tips on how to do that?  Even if you’re your own boss, you’re always going to answer to someone, whether it’s a client, board of directors, spouse, parent, etc.  The beauty about what Dr. Covey preaches is that you can apply it to how it relates to you.  

If there is one RSS feed I recommend you subscribe to it is this one. 

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