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My Reddit Karma

Date November 15, 2007

When I began developing my profiles in the social sites, of course I joined reddit.  I mean let’s face it, it looked easy enough.  The voting is simple, not a lot of ads, quick page loads, submitting stories is painless, in fact I don’t even think I needed an email address to sign up. (Oh and let’s not forget the little reddit alien is super cute and very versatile.)

So anyway, off I went, submitting funny or controversial stories that I thought would build up my karma points.   Well, I was wrong about that.  Reddit is a tough crowd.  They are very serious over there.  I’ve seen some racy titles that have made it to the hot page, but that just didn’t work for me.  It seemed as though anything I submitted or commented on got voted down quick.  My karma would grow to 10, then drop to 8, then 14 and drop to 11.  I mean it was so frustrating, that I just said screw it.  Until about a week ago.

I changed my approach and I broke 100.  So if you’re going to join the reddit community, keep this in mind.  Slow and steady wins the race. From my experience, you have to be consistent and submit super boring stuff. Nothing racy and nothing offensive.  Stick to sports trivia or facts and science or tech stuff.  I think once you are more established in the community you can probably test the waters a bit more, but until then try and stay under the radar.

Remember to be patient with reddit, you can’t rush to the top there.  It’s harder to recognize users there as well because there are no avatars, so you just have to try and remember people’s nicks and some of them are not simple.  Reddit has messaging, so if you add someone as a friend, you’ll have to let them know otherwise, they won’t have a clue that you did that.




2 Responses to “My Reddit Karma”

  1. David Everitt-Carlson said:

    Witty Tagline: When do I get some optimization around here?

  2. diamondTearz said:

    Thanks for the advice. I haven’t made it past Karma of 1. I think I was trying to do the interesting and racy thing to no avail.

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