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StumbleUpon Ditches Yes/No

Date February 1, 2008

One of the features that had been rumored to give users more Stumble power was the yes/no link on the reviews pages.  It had been said that the more people that clicked yes on your reviews, the more it benefited your SU muscles.

I just noticed that it’s now gone and replaced with this:
reviews StumbleUpon Ditches Yes/No

Personally, I don’t like this.  It gives too many options and opens users up to potentially being labeled just because another user doesn’t like em.  There are many SU users that hate the influx of SEO/SMM that have joined StumbleUpon so this would be a perfect opportunity for them to take out some aggression.

Here’s an example of a Stumbler whose quick to use his thumbs down on things he sees.
assholesu2a StumbleUpon Ditches Yes/No
Imagine what this guy would do if you reviewed him? Yikes!

So if you are one of the SU people that leave random reviews just to grow your SU network or just because your friends ask you to, um…be careful.  Your kind words and effort could label you in a way that may not be friendly. Make sure you leave a specific comment directly connected to the site you are reviewing. 

Here’s a few tips at how to leave a review for a user that will hopefully get you labeled as helpful or friendly.:)

  • Remember that when you write a review for another SU user it will appear on your Stumble blog so write something that your fans will be compelled to read and click through to the user you are reviewing.
  • Take 10 seconds and actually go a page or so deep unto their blog and find something they have stumbled that attracts your attention. Stumble it and explain why you like it.
  • If there is a clear theme to the types of things that the user stumbles, indicate that so that others  with the same interest will check them out.
  • Tell them you’ll definitely be stopping back again to see their future stumbles and then do it! When you review a Stumbler, why not add them as a friend? Tell em you added them and they may be more inclined to add you if you used some of the above in your review process.
  • If the Stumbler has an interesting avatar of has taken time to add special things to their blog, let them know you noticed that.  

Twitter Tools

Date January 30, 2008

I’ve been logging into my Twitter account everyday now for about a week. So far, I like it.  I had to take off the alerts to my Blackberry because it was too much and I couldn’t tell if my kids were texting me or if Natala was at another fancy spa. (Love you Natala!) :)

At any rate, I came across two pretty cool Twitter tools that I wanted to share.


This comes in handy (even though the date is off for me by a day).  Basically you enter your Twitter account name and you’ll get a display of 100 updates from people you are following.  You can also choose how often you want it to refresh between 3, 10 and 30 minutes.

twitter100 Twitter Tools

Now this is a Facebook application, so I think you have to have it installed and it picks up your tweets through Facebook.  I haven’t actually tried it because I’ve stopped adding apps to my Facebook account for a while, but it’s interesting to watch for a minute or so.  You basically get to see Twitter updates from all over the world.

twittervision Twitter Tools
Follow me on Twitter!

The Digg Reel

Date January 23, 2008

Well if you haven’t had enough of Digg for the week, you can now enjoy the prior week’s top Digg/Dugg videos via The Digg Reel.

This is a recap with a mtv/vh1 feel that covers the videos, the creators and the digg submitters.  If that’s not enough they also highlight some of the comments.

No need to hit play for each video, this is one streaming video that is all inclusive, so you just hit play once and watch the show.   

Depending on what your thoughts are about Digg, this will be either very cool or extremely lame. 

Digg Algo Stirs the Pot Again

Date January 23, 2008

If you are a top submitter on Digg have you noticed the need for more Diggs to get your story to the FP.   I know I have.  It was a few months back when they made their change to the shout system that I seem to remember having gone through this, then things settled down a bit.  Having 151 diggs and not hitting the front page is lame and frustrating.  At least Digg is being fair though…see the last story.  Even Kevin Rose isn’t hitting home with 120 diggs.  Ya think they did that on purpose to try and give the impression that everybody is equal and what’s good for Mr. Rose is good for everyone else?  

diggall Digg Algo Stirs the Pot Again 

Top Stumbler MIA

Date January 8, 2008

Since I’ve been on SU MaiKeth has always been on the top row of the Top Stumblers page.  Recently I have noticed him slipping down a few rows. 

maiketh Top Stumbler MIA 

You’ll notice he is now 6th row all the way to the left.  When I visit his SU blog it says he has not logged in in 2 months.  Now this is a man that has been very active on SU for well over a year.  He has thumbed over 22,000 pages has over 1100 fans and  received over 200 reviews.  How can he just drop off the face of Stumble like that?

I’m not a friend of MaiKeth, just a fan.  I am wondering if anyone knows him and knows where he’s at?  The Top Stumbler page won’t be the same without his scary avatar on it.