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Pownce Is Now Open to Everyone

Date February 15, 2008

If you haven’t heard of Pownce, basically it’s a site that allows you to send things to your friends or fans.  Things can be images, music, links, messages, etc.

Pownce has been around for awhile, but has been invite only up until yesterday when they opened the doors to anyone and everyone.

If you have a profile on a social media site, it wouldn’t hurt to join Pownce using the same profile.  You’re bound to see many users from other social sites.

It’s really just one more place to network and meet friends.  The Pownce profile page also lets you add some of your other social sites profiles very easily.


One Response to “Pownce Is Now Open to Everyone”

  1. Violin said:

    Yet another social site on the same pattern. Twitter rules because it introduced something new. Hi5 was my first social media site and now I have countless. That’s so confusing.

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