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SEO and Social Media Presentation

Date February 28, 2008

I spoke yesterday at the SMX West conference on Social Media/SEO.  My presentation was based on how to build a strong social media presence (in about 60 days or less).

A few people asked if I would upload the power point for them, so here it is.

I’ll be writing more on this over the next few weeks as a follow up to the slides.  Heading back down to the conference now. 

5 Responses to “SEO and Social Media Presentation”

  1. Zeus said:

    Thanks for the power point…was missing your posts!

  2. Brent Csutoras said:

    I really enjoyed seeing your presentation at SMX. It is truly amazing to see that you have been able to become one of the top social media users and experts in a matter of 6 months.

    Not everyone can do what you have done and it is a credit the great talent you have for social media marketing. I can only imagine what you will be doing in another 6 months.


  3. Elge Premeau said:

    Hi Barbara,

    I saw you speak on the Social Media panel at SMX. Your presentation was definitely the most helpful. You stressed the importance of creating an anonymous usser account. I wanted to know more about why you think that’s important. I typically prefer to be “honest” about who I am. I don’t like to “hide” on the internet but I got the sense that you had a good reason for it. I just don’t know what that reason is.



  4. Giovanna said:

    Ok that’s it, I’m registering SEOwife2.biz – Just kidding. Great ppt Barbara, keep it up! It was awesome seeing you even for a while in San Jose. You’re enthusiasm is infectious. There should be a panel for SEO wives and girlfriends, haha


  5. Brian said:


    Great Powerpoint and it just adds to some of the tips that I was able to pick up at Elite Retreat. Very nice meeting you and I have enjoyed reading through your blog. Will be in touch


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