Social Media Helped Us Move

Date April 21, 2008

This is a special guest post by Lorna Harris (aka Mrs. Danny Sullivan) 

Most of you probably know by this point that Danny and I are heading back to California in the Summer.  It was a big decision to make and took us several months to get there.

Danny has been really homesick, much as I was when we moved from California to the UK after five years in the States.  Things have changed so much since then.  When Danny and I first met back in 1988, we wrote letters and made phone calls, that was it.  When I moved to California after we were married, my parents would call and shout down the phone ‘is everything ok darling?’ and then hang up.  For their generation a long distance phone call to California was a luxury and they certainly weren’t going to have a long chat.  When we wanted to have children, the idea of being so far away from my parents was really hard, so we moved back.

Now it’s time to head back to California.  But what a difference in terms of keeping in contact with family and friends.  No once a week expensive long distance phone calls.  Instead, I can let them know immediately what I’m doing on Twitter, post photos to flickr, friend them on Facebook.  I just can’t believe the difference from a few years ago. We have friends in the UK, Sweden, Dubai, and they’re all just a twitter away – it’s just amazing. It really helped with the decision, I know I can keep in contact so much easier now.

We’re in California at the moment and our two English boys are already on the turn.  We were at Disneyland getting fast passes and I mentioned to Danny that soon they’d be saying fast pass with an American accent.  It didn’t even take until the end of the day and they were converted.  Farewell our English prep school boys! Our youngest son has been boogie boarding in his Quiksilver wet suit everyday and declaring the waves to be awesome.  Next week he’ll be having a lesson at the Vans Skateboard park in Orange.

I’m going to blog my experiences of making the move and American schools – I’m expecting high school to be like Grease or I’ll be sorely disappointed. They do sing and dance all day, don’t they?  I still don’t get the whole letterman thing but I’m hoping Danny will guide me through. Please don’t tell me that they’ll bring home a cheerleader – what will I say to her?  Nice pom poms?!

To help keep in touch with my friends even better, I’m working on a social news site for women at the moment which should be ready in a couple of months.  Although I love social media, I still don’t feel that I’ve found a home online where I can network with my girlfriends in the way I’d like.  More on that another time.  I’m really excited about the SMX Social Media Marketing show in Long Beach next week and can’t wait to learn more.

One sad thing about social media? In my drawer at home, I have a box full of letters from Danny which used to arrive weekly along with cinema tickets, airline tickets and general things from our budding romance. Can you keep a file on your computer full of romantic twitters?  It’s not quite the same.

We’re moving to the Balboa Peninsula in Newport Beach and if anyone has any tips on schools, baseball leagues or anything else, I’d love to hear them!

Last year I was driving my sons to cricket camp, this year it’s skateboard camp.  At least they’ll be adaptable when they grow up and be able to discuss David Beckham or baseball players (don’t know any famous ones yet!)   As for me, I know my accent will change and I’ve just resigned myself to it.  After living in California for five years last time, when working back in London, someone rang the office and asked to speak to the American.  I was so depressed, they meant me!

On the other hand, we’ve spent the week cycling along the boardwalk, watching the sunset on the beach, boogie boarding in the ocean.  It’s going to be a very different lifestyle but a very good one and available on twitter, flickr, facebook and more!

2 Responses to “Social Media Helped Us Move”

  1. goodncrazy said:

    I TOTALLY agree. It’s not quite the same. I’d give anything to ‘have’ the emails from waaay back when we first started to really like each other…had been friends before, but when we fell in love, our emails were terrific…they’d be goofy now, but I’d still like to have them!

  2. Steen Öhman said:

    Social media is very new in Denmark, and I was looking into the different medias, when I saw this post.

    I very much agree … and it’s impressive what social media can do. I just started on facebook 6 month ago, and one week ago on twitter … and this has given me a lot of contacts … and I even found some old friends.

    Best regards


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