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Social Spark

Date March 13, 2008

I just received  this St Patrick’s Day box from Social Spark
socialspark Social Spark
It was a nice surprise.  I had met one of these Social Sparkers at SMX and the box was not necessary, but much appreciated.  It did indeed spark my interest to see what Social Spark was all about.

So basically, they are an online social marketing network.  It’s a place that brings advertisers and bloggers together.  They have a network of over 100k bloggers, so I imagine if you are looking for a writer, this might be a good place to go search for one.

I’m leaving for New York on Sunday, so don’t know if I’ll have time to play around with this further til I get back, but if you go to their site, there’s a video that describes what they do in more detail.

Anyway, thanks for think of me guys!  I’ll take my St. Patty’s Day stuff to the big apple! 

2 Responses to “Social Spark”

  1. Todd Jordan said:

    You didn’t provide a link but I was too curious – https://socialspark.com/ . It appears they are still in Alpha. Be interested to know more, so I’ll be looking forward to your thoughts.

  2. alli said:

    Just left a comment on your RSS post earlier, but then I kept looking. I’m an alpha tester for Social Spark and so far have seen a lot of the social part, but mainly on the bloggers’ part. There are advertisers trickling in, but not a ton of opportunities for my blog categories. Yet. They need more advertisers and it has been fun seeing it grow, almost on a daily basis.

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