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Twitter Tools

Date January 30, 2008

I’ve been logging into my Twitter account everyday now for about a week. So far, I like it.  I had to take off the alerts to my Blackberry because it was too much and I couldn’t tell if my kids were texting me or if Natala was at another fancy spa. (Love you Natala!) :)

At any rate, I came across two pretty cool Twitter tools that I wanted to share.


This comes in handy (even though the date is off for me by a day).  Basically you enter your Twitter account name and you’ll get a display of 100 updates from people you are following.  You can also choose how often you want it to refresh between 3, 10 and 30 minutes.

twitter100 Twitter Tools

Now this is a Facebook application, so I think you have to have it installed and it picks up your tweets through Facebook.  I haven’t actually tried it because I’ve stopped adding apps to my Facebook account for a while, but it’s interesting to watch for a minute or so.  You basically get to see Twitter updates from all over the world.

twittervision Twitter Tools
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  1. jane said:

    http://textsnip.com is a good way to paste a large block of text into a tweet. no password, no sign up

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