Useful StumbleUpon Feature

Date April 7, 2008

Stumbleupon has a feature that I really like.  SU users have the option to look at their favorites and other SU blogs in a grid format.

sugrid Useful StumbleUpon Feature
This is either new or I have honestly never seen the link at the top right corner before.

At any rate, the reason I am a fan of the grid is for 2 reasons:

1. Occasionally some sneaky SU users will change the page after it has been stumbled.  The fact that SU now takes a screenshot and displays the original stumble is great for the reviewer.

2. Finding good SU friends is not as easy as it may sound.  Some users only stumble their own sites. If that’s the case, when I click on their avatar to see what they are stumbling, it’s so easy to see all the screenshots and know at a glance that this user is only in it for themselves.

If you are on StumbleUpon, give it a try.  If you aren’t a Stumble user, what the heck are you waiting for?  Get with the program. :)  

4 Responses to “Useful StumbleUpon Feature”

  1. Kristen said:

    At first I thought I really liked the grid but now that I have used it for a while I have switched back to the list.

  2. Todd Jordan said:

    I’m SU. I’m not an all bad Stumbler. Sadly I don’t use it enough. I need to get in the habit of also using it in Safari. (no bar there)

    Thanks for pointing this feature out. I’d also missed it.

  3. Caroline Middlebrook said:

    Yup this is a new feature that they snuck in recently. I never thought of using the grid view to see if people were just stumbling their own stuff, that’s a neat idea! I’m using the list view with the thumbnails as a compromise between the grid and the plain list view.

  4. Missy said:

    I had not heard of this SU feature either, and i’m on there quite a bit.

    The grid view looks more appealing, will try it and see if i like it. Thanxs for the tip!


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